Found a great blog post on the strategy behind entering a reining show… Jenn Webster interviews her husband, Clay, on his strategies. You can find it here.

Available Now – woohoo!

Rookie Reiner - Now available!

I’m very happy to announce that Rookie Reiner is shipping from Amazon.com – YAY! You can still get it before Christmas in many urban centers.

In case you are the significant other of a reiner (support group coming soon… after show season…) then here are a few ideas to wrap up under the Christmas tree (just click on the links to go to their site):

EAT. SLEEP. RIDE - limited edition

Corb Lund - Losin' Lately Gambler CD

Purses from Cowgirl Finesse

Necklace from Cowgirl Bling

Rings from Crossbar Gallery

Or maybe if you have SPECIAL Christmas planned:

Channel Set Rings from the Crossbar Gallery

Of course there’s always…

Rookie Reiner

The Green Guide for Horse Owners and Riders

Magazine Subscription to the Western Horse Review

New training bit from the Francois Gauthier collection

A breeding to a great stallion!

Snaffle Bit from Kyle Tack

In no particular order….

1) Exceptionally cute children and puppies.

2) Big suppers in the Superbarn complete with Margarita makers and bars.

3) Rubbing shoulders with Lyle Lovett and William Shatner and realizing they are just guys at a horse show.
4) People watching!

5) Shopping! (My particular favorites are the Cross Bar Gallery & all the jewellery booths!)

6) The Celebrity Slide – listening to the stories of some incredibly brave children. It’s sponsored by 4R Performance Horses and benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma ®

7) Eating breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg – try the Eggs Benny.

8 ) Catching up with good friends you haven’t seen since the last Futurity (but you’ve kept up with on Facebook).

9) Scoping out the newest trends in show clothes. I particularly like the emperor waist shirts coming out now.

10) The Open finals on Saturday night. Must Not Be Missed.

Warwick Schiller is a reining horse trainer, NRHA Continental Judge and clinician from Australia. Warwick was the NRHA Ltd. Open Reserve World Champion in 2002 on Hobbys Gun Thief. Warwick has been known to conduct “online” coaching through groups like Reining For Fun.

Warwick offers a few pointers for those of us who have ever felt just a wee bit unstable during your horse’s stop. (Wait, you never felt that way? I guess it was just me… )

What you shouldn’t do:

Don’t think about the impending sudden halt because then your body will brace in anticipation of the (usually imagined) jolt
Don’t look at the spot where you are going to stop or look down at the ground
Don’t try to make your horse stop (i.e. throw your body back)

What you should be thinking about:

Not stopping at all! The ideal stopping position is the position you are in when you are running to a stop, don’t change anything when you say whoa, this will keep you out of your horses way.

Here is another way to think about it: In the stop, everything the rider’s body does above the waist will be reflected in the horses body in front of the cinch. Everything the rider’s body does from the waist down will be reflected by the horse behind the cinch. Which explains the above point about the jolt usually being imagined, as it is the riders upper body bracing for the jolt that causes the horses front feet to brace up which causes the jolt.

So, if a rider’s upper body is relaxed and doesn’t change, the horses front legs should be relaxed and they will be able to pedal with them. If a rider’s legs are relaxed, the hind end should be too.

Thanks Warwick! You can read more from Warwick at his web site, www.SchillerQuarterHorses.com.

Warwick Schiller

Great news! My publisher has said that if you pre-order Rookie Reiner through their site, you will receive it by Christmas!

Head over here…

Christmas Tree

Perfect fit under the tree....

Definition: Futurity

As a writer, I subscribe to a lot of different writing-related newsletters. One of them is the Merriam-Webster’s
Word of the Day. This was today’s word:



*1 : time to come : future
2 : the quality or state of being future
3 plural : future events or prospects

Example Sentence

The motivational speaker exhorted us to change the way we live today, rather than looking always toward some vague distant futurity.

Did you know?

“Futurity” is a forward-looking word with a literate past. Its first known use is in Shakespeare’s Othello, when the downtrodden Cassio, mystified about why Othello has turned against him, beseeches Desdemona to tell him whether his “offense be of such mortal kind / That nor my service past, nor present sorrows, / Nor purpos’d merit in futurity / Can ransom me into his love again.” The term was also used by Benjamin Franklin (“I must one of these days go back to see him . . . but futurities are uncertain”), and Sir Walter Scott wrote of events “still in the womb of futurity” (that is, events that hadn’t happened yet). Today, “futurity” often refers to a race, usually for two-year-old horses, in which the competitors are entered at birth or before, or to a race or competition for which entries are made well in advance of the event.

What I find interesting is that in the reining industry we use the term futurity to mean “reining event for three year olds” and that is the definition we’ve used to guide us through changes in the industry … changes to how we nominate and pay for our horses to compete in futurities at an elite level.

Just food for thought.

Suzi was very helpful with the clothing section of my Rookie Reiner book. Please see her message below:

Thieves made off with approximately $250,000 worth of chaps and show tops. More than 300 pairs of our popular PMS split leather chaps were stolen; they had been delivered from our customs broker less than 12
hours earlier. No attempt was made to enter our offices; no computers or electronic equipment in the warehouse was taken. The thieves appeared to only be after our chaps and more expensive garments.

My employees and my company are jeopardized by this robbery; we lost inventory, including Limited Edition garments that cannot be replaced, that would provide the cash flow to continue our business operations. We
will survive, but this is a serious setback.

I am asking for the help of horse community members in advising me if they come across ANY strange offers on Hobby Horse apparel. We have not yet completed an inventory of stolen items but will shortly. We will
post a notice on our website at http://www.hobbyhorseinc regarding items that were stolen. A reward will be offered for information in this case.

PLEASE contact me if you suspect someone is sellling our stolen inventory. We will immediately contact our local police for their follow-up. Most thieves are never caught, but Hobby Horse chaps and show apparel is such distinctive apparel to try to fence, we may have a chance of possibly recovering some of our inventory.

I also ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this disruption; we appreciate your business more than ever in this tough time. We’ll do our best to fulfill your orders; we know you count on us!

Thank you, and please share this message with others in the horsecommunity.

Suzi Drnec
Hobby Horse Clothing Co. President
13775 Stockton Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

August 2009 Update HERE.

NRHA Reiner Online » Blog Archive » NRHA Extends Sympathies to the Pipinich Family.

I’ve met Renee and I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of so many people close to her.

We’ve gone through some trying times here recently, I’m reminded that family and friends are very important. Hug them while you can. Love them even when you don’t like them. Be brave and get off Facebook and get face to face!

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