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When authors write fiction books, they often have something called “Backstory”. This is the background information on their characters that never makes the front page (or even in the book). It’s often used to help the author get to know the characters. What is interesting to me is the backstory that people and horses have. Everyone, and every horse, has a story. Of course they do: we’re all the main characters in our own story.

Recently I stumbled across some backstory about a horse that I’ve seen show: Lacy’s Dun Dual’n. Turns out she was orignally named Cowboys Delight. Lynda Smith, a retired reining horse trainer from BC, wrote a little background information on the horse. How she was purchased, who owned her, her name change and her training.

Go ahead and take a gander. I find it very interesting to read about how a horse has been trained – especially all the challenges and mistakes that happen along the way. That’s what I like to remember when I see a horse and rider moving like they have never made a mistake. EVERYONE has made mistakes and had challenges to get where they are today.

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