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The NRHA Media Room

One of the best places to hang out, I think, is in the media room at the futurity. Now, they don’t let everyone in here, you have to be credentialed crazy enough to hack it. I’m the wimp in the room, tippy-typing away at various writing projects, no major deadline to worry about. While these guys? They are crazy…

Carol is probably the hardest working woman here – I don’t think she sleeps, I think she’s a robot. Bucky – he just never stops smiling. Todd – is funny. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Seriously though. They produce all of the programs, press releases and paraphernalia that the crowd here at the futurity has come to expect. If you want to know what is happening and when – it comes from the media room. I think the only NRHA staff that works just as hard is in the show office.

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The Big Show

Once again I’m hanging out with the popular kids at the NRHA Futurity. In case you want to see what is going on, check out the 2008 Futurity page. There you will find a live web cam and live scoring for the events.

Tonight is the World Reining Masters.wrm_sm

The World Reining Masters is an exciting event where two riders from each country compete to see which country is going to win The Masters. Unfortunately this year two riders’ horses did not make the jog – this means they exhibited some lameness that would make them not fit to compete.

The jog is where the rider jogs the horse in front of the attending veterinarian and is ruled “fit to compete” or not. Two horses (one on Team Canada and one on Team Mexico) did not pass the jog. Now, this doesn’t mean that the horses were drop-dead lame, it means they showed some lameness. To outsiders who don’t compete in performance horse events, they may not understand that once in a while, horses are sore. The PETAs of the world might want to tell you that performance horses are abused and lame and medicated to compete – so not true.

If you watch the Olympics or Football or Hockey, you’ll see athletes compete. Sometimes those athletes are not in top form. If they made football players jog, do push-ups or pass a fitness test before each game – we’d be watching two handfuls of guys throwing a ball back and forth.

Anyway, wasn’t intending to post anything controversial, just pointing you to the Futurity page, hope you get a chance to watch tonight.

Keep your eyes out for Canadian flags – Reining Canada has its export booth open and it is the party place to be for the Masters. Watch out for a visit from “Captain Canada”! 🙂

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