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Ok, most reiners know that the difference is whether or not you get paid, right? If you want to be a non-pro, you can’t receive any remuneration (boy that’s a hard word to say) for work done on horseback. You can clean stalls to your heart’s content and bath every horse on the place, but no riding.

But let’s get a little bit deeper than that… why is it that I meet so many non pros that are flummoxed by problems in the show pen and so many pros that take it in stride. What I’d want to be is a non pro that acts like a pro. (And I sure have met some of them, too!)

I was speaking with photographer John Brasseaux (who takes a mean picture) and he said something (rather, he emailed me something) that was applicable to photography or athletic endeavors. (At the time I was bemoaning my case of photographic lack-o-talent.) He said:

“An amateur is someone who practices until he gets it right. A pro is someone who practices until he can’t get it wrong.”

Yes, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

I often find myself practicing my talents “until I get it right” when what I really need to be doing is practicing them until I can’t get it wrong. How about you?

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