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America’s Horse Daily is a relatively new site that’s being put out by the AQHA to update you on “important topics such as health, breeding, showing, training, racing, recreational riding and tack” and all to do with Quarter Horses of course.

It’s worth checking out!

I’ve noticed several different horse magazines are starting to use blogs and online newsreporting in a new way. Much like the more developed newsagencies (aka MSM or mainstream media) have been doing. It’s great for the changing readership. The people who don’t like it are usually the longterm paper magazine and newspaper folk who see their readership dwindling in favour of online sources.

But in a day when we can sit at our computers and watch live web casts of Olympic equestrian events, it’s no longer feasible to wait a month or two for a story to ‘break’ in a print magazine. Personally, I would like to see print magazines return to their roots with longer, more indepth articles.

But that’s a bit off topic, isn’t it!

You can read other blogs like Katie Tims’ blog with the Quarter Horse News or Horse Girl TV.

Do you have an online news source that you visit regularly?

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