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I love to watch good horses – who doesn’t, right? When those great horse and rider combos come along it can be magic to watch them in the show pen. This is the case with Shawn Flarida and Wimpys Little Chic. The Quarter Horse News has posted the three runs that make up SF & WLC’s “triple crown” wins. I’m happy to say that I was actually there for one of them!

First jewel in the crown was the 2007 NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma City. Second was the 2008 National Reining Breeders Classic in Katy, TX. Third was the 2008 NRHA Derby, once again in Oklahoma City.

According to the QHN article:

Wimpys Little Chic was bred by Monica Watson’s Double Run Farm, Leland, N.C. She was started there as a 2-year-old and made a brief stop at Brian Bell’s before taking up residence in Flarida’s barn. Arcese Quarter Horses purchased her in May 2007, and soon after, “Lexi” began writing her name in the record books. As Flarida remarked on this stellar mare, “She’s got so much heart. She’s so trainable. She has the strength of a stud with the kindness of a mare. She’s special. I’ve rode a lot of great horses, but I’ve never rode on one quite like this one.”

Go ahead and watch.

2007 Futurity (score 231.5)
2008 NRBC (score 233.5)
2008 Derby (score 233)

Wimpys Little Chic

Wimpys Little Chic

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